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To follow up with a previous post: Winterizing the tent, I passed by Rosedale Valley road today. The previous tent is gone but on the other side of the road, there is now a much larger tent. 


This one below crashed into parked cars at a local school around noon. Fortunately, the children were in class during the time of the crash. 


R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

Plenty of potential for the Don River in Toronto. Usually, the riverbank is a prime real estate location for a city. There are abandoned bridges running across the river. 


There are several new neighborhoods in Toronto parks and trails. They are not your typical residential dwellings, these were mostly tents but I also caught this person getting the tent ready for the approaching winter. 

I also noticed:

  • Wigwams
  • People living under bridges
  • Makeshift log homes

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