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 Last night we met Toronto Filmmaker Ali Weinstein at the TeachBeach. Here are some photos.

Cables left exposed. Tripping hazards for children in the area that play. Only Roger's would leave this as acceptable.







It's hard to know if the City of Toronto is just incompetent or malicious, or both when it comes to cycling infrastructure in Toronto. This is quite dangerous and I have seen a few of these sewers placed this way around Toronto. 

Many drivers in Toronto believe they can park in bike lanes, like Beck Taxi




Arriving at Nathan Philips square

Arriving at Nathan Philips square

During the ride

Before departing


Around 2pm on Tuesday, May 17th I spotted a regular offender of traffic laws, a Purolator driver who was parking in bike lanes and chatting on the phone while driving. 

Despite available street parking, this Purolator driver decided to block bike lanes

He then decides to move the van a few feet to no longer block the bike lane

He also spent about 15 minutes here, chatting on the phone while driving which is also against the law. 

Here is the license plate number to beware of this dangerous driver







Photo taken on Friday, May 13th 2022


 Tommy Thompson Park is a conservation area that keeps growing with more construction debris filling the land. When I first started coming here, there were not many people, now many people enjoy this area, and wildlife too. There are over 300 birds! The park is CLOSED to the public on weekdays until 4:00 p.m. More information on the website:




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